“Panopticon”: Dystopian Sci-Fi Film Noir First Trailer

“Panopticon”: Dystopian Sci-Fi Film Noir First Trailer

PANOPTICON: First Trailer from YerStory TransMedia on Vimeo.

In a world of constant surveillance by the Panopticon, one wrong move will force one to "self-report"–and disappear. After his father is taken by the Panopticon, one teenage boy is given the opportunity to join the fight–and rebel against the system.

I’m currently working on my newest film project “Panopticon”, a dystopian sci-fi film noir set in a probable near future. One phrase (which I didn’t know about when I wrote the script last summer): “The Internet of Things”.

Production wrapped early November with pickup shots in December. Release is scheduled tentatively for February-Spring 2015.

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